5 Best Forex Podcasts for Beginners

Forex trading has a steep learning curve. Most beginners lose hope after failing in their first trades. However, the secret to being successful in forex trading is learning as much as possible. As much as the market can go either way, knowledge and experience will help you to make near-accurate decisions and make some significant amount of money. There are a lot of learning resources on the internet for beginners. Those who prefer listening will appreciate the best forex podcasts made by professionals.

Best Forex Podcasts

Best Forex Podcasts

You will come numerous podcasts today, but it helps to understand the best ones that will give you inspiration and real help. Today, we have combined some of the best forex podcasts for you.

#1 Desire To Trade Podcast

This podcast teaches learners forex concepts through interviews with some of the top experts in this niche.

It is run by Etienne Crete, who owns the Desire to Trade website. This is a comprehensive forex learning site that has just about anything related to forex.

Every week, Etienne meets one industry leader and interviews them about some of the successful strategies that helped them get to the top. These podcasts are full of stories, real-life experiences, tricks, tips, and ways to get around various challenges for beginners.

Beginners can greatly benefit from these interviews as they can borrow tips and tricks from people who have already gone through the journey, for them to make better choices as they try to advance in the trading space.

What I love about it:

• Exclusive interviews with notable players in the industry
• The creator is an expert interviewer who understands how to pull out valuable information from the guests

#2 Chat with Traders Podcast

Aaron Fifield hosts this podcast, and as the name suggests, it is of a conversational type.

Aaron is a trade manager and trader at a company in Australia and owner of the Chat with Traders website.

For the podcasts, he talks to some of the top traders across the world, ranging from day traders, professional ones, and even amateurs to shed light on a wide variety of topics within this space.

It has a diverse collection of interviews with notable traders who demystify some of the trading misconceptions based on their experience and knowledge.

What I love about it:

• Beginners get an opportunity to learn a lot from various presenters and channel their questions regarding different trading challenges they experience.

#3 Invest Like the Best Podcast

Invest Like the Best is part of the investorfieldguide.com website. It is hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, who’s the CEO of O’Shaughnessy Management.

The owner describes it as an ongoing investigation into stocks, markets, investing strategies, and ways of thinking for beginners and experts seeking to trade successfully.

The podcast is composed of stories, interviews, and tips combined presented by guests in the finance niche. They try to give listeners a broader perspective of investment and how to approach it prudently.

What I love about it:

• The podcasts are supplemented newsletters to expand on the ideas presented and clear any doubt

#4 Two Blokes Podcast

Note: The last episode of Two Blokes Podcast was released in August 2019. However, the old episodes are excellent learning and training material.

This is a lighthearted and fun podcast that teaches learners various forex fundamentals in an engaging and fun way. It is owned by the two blokes Tom and Owen, who are experienced forex traders looking to share their experiences and journey to beginners.

However, a new trainer, Brandon, was introduced recently to take up Owen’s role. He is a successful trader and renowned person in the forex niche.

Beginners have a lot to benefit from this podcast since the creators use their real experiences to teach vital concepts. This makes it easy for them to understand these concepts as they can relate them to some of the challenges they are facing in their first days of trading.

What I love about it:

• It takes off all the seriousness about forex trading and makes learning a fun experience
• Creators cover a wide range of forex topics

#5 Motley Fool Money

The Motley Fool site is top-rated in the investment world. Traders flock to this site for news, tips, and guides, among others.

The Motley Fool Money Podcast is undoubtedly one of the best podcasts that teach vital investment concepts. It is aired out every week on many radio stations across the United States.

The presenters who run this podcast are experienced analysts working for the Motley Fool Money site. They break down all the big investment stories and give predictions on how they will affect the markets.

They also interview some industry leaders from time to time and cover all the latest news and issues surrounding stocks and futures trading. If you need to stay on top of everything new happening in the financial world, you should not miss out on a single episode of this podcast.

What I love about it:

• One of the best resources for all the latest market news


Some of the best forex podcasts on the internet have been mentioned above. Note that most of them are in an interview format, and in some way, this helps to give beginners a different twist when learning about trading concepts.

They move away from the old and boring lessons that go over the same concepts over and over again by introducing different perspectives from industry experts, coupled with their experiences.

If you are looking for the best forex podcast, consider checking out the ones listed to get you ahead of the curve and updated with the most recent forex news.


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