Brexit impact on GBPUSD and FTSE

It is over 4 months from stunning decision of people of Britain. It shook markets at that time and it looked that financial world never be the same again.

However, now we know that everything is back to normal. Of course, Pound is weaker and it does not seem it will strengthen any time soon. British equities are doing like the rest of equity markets. Pretty well.

Look below for numbers about the FTSE and GBP/USD development from day of “Brexit”.

Table: FTSE and GBP/USD

23/06/2016 D-1 6338,10 1,4877
24/06/2016 Brexit Day 6138,69 -3,12% 1,3679 -8,05%
21/10/2016 D+4 months 7020,47 +10,77% 1,2234 -17,77%

Well, FTSE gained more than 10 percent in 4 months after Brexit plebiscit. Only one who is suffering is Pound, which is 17% weaker against US Dollar.

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